Why is an online presence important in a small town? 
​If you think that an online presence is only for the "city-folk" you are sadly mistaken. Over 90% of people check out a company online before they even walk in the door or pick up the phone. Having an online presence not only creates more business but establishes trust, overcomes objections, answers questions and creates customer loyalty. This is no different in a small town. People like to know prices, experience and services before they actually make contact. They also like to refer friends to a business they use and a website domain name is often more memorable than a phone number. 

What if I need changes made immediately?
We will do our best to accommodate emergency changes that may be required. If the change was made in error by us, we will rectify the problem at no charge. If you are needing a change or update made outside of your normal membership update turnaround times then there will be an additional $15.00 charge for 30 minutes worth of time. 

Why am I not showing up in search Engines?
​There are several factors that play a role in search engine ranking results. While it varies among the search engines, it can take up to 8 weeks for a search engine to crawl and index a new webpage which would allow it to show on a search for that page directly. The process of optimizing your website for higher ranking results requires ongoing efforts which is why we promote our plans as an ongoing membership rather than a "one-time fix." Factors like republishing, keywords, meta tags, descriptions, word density, backlinks and new content play a role in ranking you higher in search results. We work on this with you and for you to help increase your search engine rank. 

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How does This Is My Town USA offer small business marketing help?
​Small businesses, especially small town businesses, don't often have the marketing capital that larger companies have plus they tend to not only perform the labors of their business but also handle the accounting, payroll, advertising, customer service and management aspects of their company as well. Rarely do small business owners have time to manage a website, advertising, direct mailing and be "good" at it in the amount of time they have available to spend on these areas. We take the guess work and energy out of having to develope these sides to your business. We offer our members a virtual storefront which can enhance their existing website or act as their online presence. We drive traffic to our member sites through our vast amount of community resources, local links, business directory, articles, recipes and more. We make it easy for people to access their town resources all in one place and that includes our members virtual storefront pages. 


ThisIsMyTownUSA began as a resource site and has grown to provide small businesses with one page websites!

We have the most affordable option to get your business on the web with a custom build web page. We can design a one-page website hosted here or build you a beautiful one-of-a-kind site that grows your business!